Bondi Sands, The Australian Tan:​ Review

Heyyyyyyy! Recognize me? No? Oh, that’s because I’m super tan now. No hard feelings though – you can be tan too.


I need to tell you about one of my FAVORITE products that I have been using for almost a year now, so listen good.

Bondi Sands is an Australian brand inspired by Bondi Beach, that we all know and love (even though most of us.. aka me.. haven’t been, but thanks to Tash and Dev I can say that I feel like I have). According to their website, Bondi Sands makes “the ultimate tan accessible to everyone, our salon quality formulas work to give you an even, naturally golden tan that hydrates and nourishes your skin meaning you stay bronzed for longer.”

They have a ton of products, including the new Aero Self-Tanning Foam that I need to try, but for now, I’ll be reviewing the Dark Self Tanning Foam. Months back I made an order on the website where I bought the foam ($24) and a mit ($6) with 20% off my first order because I joined Club Bondi (stunning, we love a discount).

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 4.22.39 PM.png

After a short 2-day wait, I got the box in the mail, tore it open, took a boomerang (if you don’t, did you even get @bondisands??), and tried it on. I applied the foam, with the mit, and already saw a tint of color right away; making it easy to see where you applied the tanner and what spots you missed.

I apply the foam over my body, including the remainder of what is left on my mit and applying it to my face. I do have to wait up to 8 hours for the tan to fully develop, but that’s not a problem if you do it right before bed. Honestly, if I am lazy (which I am, most of the time) and don’t want to apply it before bed I will still put it on before I put my clothes on in the morning – it works just as well and whatever transfers onto my clothes washes right off (don’t do it before you wear a swimsuit though, I learned that the hard way RIP to my brand new Frankie’s bikini)! Not to mention when I do wait till the day of to apply it, I get countless “you smell so good” comments (which would never happen with another self-tanner). This foam smells just like coconuts and not at all like self-tanner. If you don’t feel like waiting 8 hours for your tan to develop, pick up the 1 Hour Express Foam it works great too and you’re tan AF after 2-3 hours!

~Disclaimer~ Once you apply your tan, I recommend that you DO NOT lie on top of your furniture, sheets, or anything else of light color without a towel. It will transfer onto your things – but it does come off completely in the wash if it does happen (98% of the time.. once again RIP to my bikini).

After the 8 hours are up, it’s time to shower and you’ll look like you just spent the last month roasting in the Australian sun… in a good way. This tan can last up to two weeks with the proper moisturizing. I promise you will never want to go back to being pale because now you know being tan can be so easy (and cancer-free).

The only downside I have about the Dark Self-Tanning Foam is when it starts to come off. If you don’t have the proper exfoliator or some magic recipe to remove self-tanner it can start to look patchy on your skin. I usually scrub with a loofah and exfoliator but I just purchased the Self Tan Eraser. According to my sources.. on YouTube.. it removes your tan in 5 minutes without aggressively scrubbing, so I am looking forward to trying it. This product would be great for reapplying your tanner to clean, tanner-free skin – stay tuned maybe I’ll tell you how I like it!

IMG_2852 2

I hope you enjoyed my review on the Bondi Sands, Dark Self-Tanning Foam. I paid for all the products myself  & don’t worry Bondi Sands doesn’t know who I am, it’s my honest opinion!

Be back soon.



Philippine B


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