Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Valentine’s Day is coming in hot – dinner reservations are being booked, jewelry is being shined, and chocolate is being wrapped. But what happens if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend this year? I’ll help you think of the perfect things to do and gift this Valentine’s Day, that are both unique AF and under $100.

What To Do:


Chick Fil A Heart Tray $17.96

Honestly, Chick-fil-a might be the closest thing we have to heaven on Earth. Let’s face it, we all love a good Chick-fil-a moment. This year, instead of dropping hundreds on dinner, order a Chick-fil-a heart tray filled with your favorite mini chicken sandwiches and have a picnic on the beach or set up some blankets to build a fort and watch a movie! Hopefully, it’ll be as cute as this Mini Cooper set up Suzy Shattuck and her husband created in Malibu #majorinspo. Either way, it’ll end up being much more romantic (and probably taste better) than a fancy dinner and it’ll only cost you $17.


Escape Room $35

Take your date to an escape room where you’ll be putting your minds together to get out of a room by solving riddles and completing challenges before time runs out. This will be a fun and different activity to do that will be something you’ll both remember forever!

Note for the record – they aren’t all scary so if you guys scare easy there are fun and chill options at escape rooms!

IHOP Unlimited Pancakes $4.99

Um, need I say more?

Ok, I will.. IHOP is offering UNLIMITED pancakes. You can go with your date, order a stack of pancakes, and stay until you physically can no longer eat pancakes.

What To Gift:

Custom Couple Portrait $54.09

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 2.27.25 PM.png

Um hello is this not the most original and cutest idea ever? This is such a heartfelt gift that anyone would be lucky to receive! You can either order a print and frame it yourself or have it printed onto a canvas to put on display.

Not only is it adorable – but this gift works as a gift for your BFF, family, significant other, and anyone that is special to you! Who says Valentine’s Day is just for couples??




Gold Dipped Rose $74


So – we know about the box of roses that lasts 365 days but we also know those cost around $200. Did we know that instead, we can get a REAL ROSE DIPPED IN GOLD FOR LESS THAN HALF THAT PRICE? Well now we do, and we are very intrigued.

Have you ever gotten a golden rose? No really, pls let me know.


Weighted Blanket $79.90


Weighted blankets are known to help with anxiety, and being someone that experiences anxiety on the reg – I think this would make the perfect for anyone (even someone without anxiety). Not only that, but weighted blankets help you sleep better, reduce insomnia, helps with ADHD, relieves stress, and has a ton of other benefits that could help your partner. Not to mention – you’ll probably be sleeping next to them and you can benefit from it too ;))

For Her:

Jewelry (C&C Luxury) $15 – $35


Okay, so maybe jewelry isn’t the most unique but honestly, you can never go wrong with a little sparkle. Also, there’s no need to gift jewelry that is hundreds of dollars – there are a ton of choices out there that can be unique & very affordable.

One of my favorite jewelry companies is C&C Luxury, made by my favorite Youtuber Toni Sevdalis and her sister Allie! This talented sister duo design and hand make every piece. They just dropped the CUTEST new pieces just in time for Valentine’s Day like the sweetheart eternity bands that would make her MELT. Since Allie & Toni are the best, you can use the code ‘SWEETHEART’ for 10% off on top of their already amazing prices. #notanad #ijustreallyloveit

Here are a few of my favorite picks that make for the perfect Vday gift:

Sweetheart Eternity Band $28 or add a little colorRoyal Necklace $35, Queen of Hearts Bracelet $15, The Signature Necklace – Double $26

Kiehls Hello Hydration Set $49


Skincare is a girl’s best friend. And chances are if it isn’t her best friend yet this set will make her fall in love with taking care of her skin. This Kiehl’s Hello Hydration set is packed with great products that will clear her skin of dirt and dryness and leave her feeling refreshed and dewy.

Glam Glow Mask Set $44

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 12.00.06 PM.png

This Glam Glow set has all of their best selling masks that she will love. These masks are perfect for everyday use and will give her the self-care she deserves.



Mugler, Alien $84

s1040807-main-zoom.jpgIf you want her to smell amazing this would be a great scent to pick up. If Alien isn’t your favorite, go to Sephora and test out the different scents. Pick a perfume that you enjoy and you’ll think she will like – she can always exchange it if you pick horribly wrong. Just kidding that won’t happen..



Kate Spade Card Case $68

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.58.12 AM.png This card case is definitely my favorite pick (CJ are you reading this??). Not only do the hearts make it perfect for the occasion but she can store her cards conveniently and in style. A wallet or card case is always a great gift that you know she will use!




 For Him:

Record Player $44.09


Pair this affordable record player with a few records of your guy’s favorite band and you have a thoughtful and awesome gift that he probably wouldn’t expect. Unless he asked for one then, in that case, he probably will expect it…





Mixology Bartender Kit $47.87


Hello Mr. Bartendeuur. This aesthetically pleasing mixology kit comes with everything he will need to feel like a bartender, impress his friends, and mix up the perfect drink.





Scratch Off Map $26

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 4.24.42 PM.png

This map will allow your traveler boyfriend to scratch off the countries as he goes. This is a cute idea that can also be motivating to travel more and satisfying to see where he’s already been!




Charging Picture Frame $57.34


Hello, cute Valentine’s Day gift of a sentimental picture of you and bae. Except it’s so much better than just that – it will also charge. his. phone. And what is more important than you and his phone? Probably not much.





Golf Potty Putter $11.99


Gag gift but it’s likely he will actually use this puppy. Make sure he’s entertained at all times by buying him this golf putty putter – it’s both fun and improves his put. I really don’t know if I’m kidding anymore…






Alrighty, kids, I hope this gift guide has helped to give you some ideas on what to do this Valentine’s Day without dropping mad cash. I’d love to hear what you do end up doing and getting – so don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

Happy V Day ladies and gents ❤

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 2.55.35 PM

As always, see you next time.

XX, Phil



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