Guide To Styling Your Mini Bar

Hello beautiful people who look even better after a few sips of tequila.

Today we are going to talk about the tips & tricks to styling your mini bar making sure it’s stocked, cute, and happy hour ready. We’ve recently just added a mini bar to our new apartment because we’ve been loving the idea of having a cute designated area to entertain yet still be practical. Having such a small space, it’s crucial that every corner is still useful and storage friendly.

My boyfriend, CJ,  just turned 23 this past week and to celebrate I gifted him a mini bar (that we’re both loving)! I wanted to incorporate some personalized touches that would make it his own and perfect for entertaining.

I’ll show you how his mini bar came together and the steps you should take to creating your own.



Looking through my Pinterest I wanted to find some inspiration because most of the ideas I had were pretty girly and I wanted to make sure it was gender neutral. Here are a few of the pictures I saved and looked back on when I needed some inspiration:

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 3.48.47 PM.png


The most important part to styling a mini bar – is buying the bar itself. The cart is going to be the biggest piece and the first thing people notice when they come in. It’s important you pick one that matches your space and that you really enjoy. You’ll have to decide between glass or wood, industrial or modern, two shelves or three, gold or silver, the list goes on.. trust me.

It’s also important to realize that bar carts are not cheap. It’s almost impossible to find one under $100. Target has some on the lower end of $100 and I really recommend them because they’re super cute, but I always suggest checking thrift stores, Facebook marketplace, or Craigslist first! I ended up getting CJ’s bar cart from Facebook marketplace for $60 instead of $160 and it was brand new from Target – scooorrreee.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 4.09.38 PM.png


After you purchase your mini bar, you’re going to want to decide what type of bar you’re going to make. The two types of bars that I think are the most practical would be either a Nespresso/Coffee bar or the classic ~alcohol~ bar. Since I decided to make it a bar with alcohol, that’s what I’ll be talking about but it can be easily transformed into a barista corner with a Nespresso maker and capsule bowl instead of a martini set and shot glasses!



Once you decide – you’ll have to buy the main pieces to make it a bar. The first things I decided to buy was a cocktail shaker set. I chose to get one from Etsy; I wanted to make sure it was great quality and personalized so he could keep it forever. I ended up getting a monogrammed set that also came with an engraved wooden storage box.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 1.23.34 PM.png


Next step, glass! This step you’ll need to buy the kind of cups you’ll be needing like martini and shot glasses or even champagne flutes. I wanted to have a variety of choices and since we already had most of the glasses, I decided to slip a few types into the bar and decided to buy some shot glasses to finish it off. I also found some extra pieces like our crystal decanter and vase to tie it all together. I mostly made use of what we already had in our place but I always recommend checking out Goodwill or even the dollar store for glasses – they’re cheap and super cute (that’s where I bought the vase I used to store the limes)!

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 5.30.43 PM.png


Alcohol. Buying bottles of alcohol is pretty much a necessity to any bar – I splurged and got CJ some Grey Goose and Patron (bc it’s his birthday duh) but any alcohol that you drink will do! Also, if you want sparkling water, juice, or soda – this could be a good addition to the bar that would add some color and make it look even prettier!



My favorite step that I always love taking my time on – as with everything else – is accessories. These are the final touches that will take your mini bar from a mini bar to a – Pinterest, picture perfect, look at my new mini bar – mini bar. Adding different textures, layers, and knick knacks here and there will make your mini bar different from everyone else’s and also more personal.

I decided to add things like bartending books filled with different mixology recipes (1) (2), a bark wood tray that I picked up at Ross, stainless steel straws, some coasters, and limes. I also purchased a Sonos speaker to add into the mini bar (that we later decided to put somewhere else) that is always a great addition if you wanted to include a music player in your bar.

Once again, this step doesn’t need to be expensive. Home Goods, Ross, and Target all have amazing pieces to choose from, at affordable prices.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 3.32.46 PM.png


Last step (it’s a hard one), it’s time to sit back and make yourself a well-deserving drink! As your sipping on that chilled Cosmopolitan or a hot cup of Nespresso – don’t forget to send me your pictures (@pboudey) or comment down below, I’d love to see what you come up with!

As always, I’ll see you guys next time.
XX, Phil



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