O-EM-GEE I’m 23

It’s official, I am twenty-three. I started off my birthday better than I could have ever imagined – being woken up to Post Malone concert tickets (OMG) – and continued throughout the day with a huge smile on my face. 

Waking up around five am, thank you jetlag, and lying in bed for a few hours I got to thinking about how lucky I am to have the people that I do in my life. Every year it seems like the people I surround myself with shrinks down little by little but the relationships I keep, grow stronger. On birthdays especially, at least for me, it is an opportunity to see the people who are there for you and the people who care about you the most. It’s not about the presents or surprises, but rather about the people who make your heart feel whole. Before I even got out of bed I already felt so much love and happiness within me and already I knew I was going to have a great birthday. 


First stop was Scarlett Begonia, a local and organic breakfast and lunch restaurant in the heart of Santa Barbara. I’ve had my eye on this place ever since I saw a picture on Instagram a couple weeks back of their cinnamon rolls and dreamt of them every night since. It’s tucked behind a couple other stores in Victoria Court surrounded by blooming bushes, soothing fountains, and vibrant flowers.


Let me tell you the cinnamon roll was worth the wait. The server told us we got the last of the day at 12:00pm and I knew right then I was b l e s s e d. I also would like to mention that I ordered a chocolate milk to go with the cinnamon roll and being the choco milk connoisseur that I am, I would highly recommend it (10/10). It tastes exactly how chocolate milk should taste, rather than out of a Hershey bottle.

I then ordered the Endless Summer Scramble which is described as “softly scrambled organic eggs, grained potatoes, sautéed squash, caramelized onion, garlic, arugula & goat cheese” in their menu and gluten-free. But don’t worry what I didn’t eat in gluten for the main course I made up for with a side of brioche and the cinnamon bun. 




Drinks at Convivo

Arriving at Convivo, in perfect time for their happy hour, we started with a sparkling rosé and a spicy margarita paired with a Margherita pizza. We then finished off with champagne to celebrate the occasion – where they also gave us a free dessert since it was a birthday! I chose the lemon tart, to watch my figure, and boyyyyyyyy did I make the right choice.


(More) Drinks at Test Pilot


We went to the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara and went to Test Pilot where we got their happy hour Mojitos and the bartender gave us a whiskey concoction for my birthday — finished them but it’s safe to say I still hate whiskey.

IMG_8032Test Pilot



To top off an already amazing day we went to the West Wind Drive-In Movie Theatre and watched the Incredibles 2. We also finished off our healthy day of eating with some fruits and veggies, like potato (chips), (pop) corn, and orange (bonbons).

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. A huge thank you to CJ for making it so special and filled with good food, conversation, and memories. I’m excited to see what this year has in store. Check back and subscribe for email updates to be the first to find out!


O U T F I T  D E T A I L S

Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara2

Brandy Melville Top, Urban Outfitters Purse, Vintage Eddie Baker Denim Jacket, LF Pants, Huda Beauty Lipstick (Icon)

Thanks for stopping by – let me know what you like to do on your birthday in the comments below!

X X,



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